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If you would like to be one of a million married couples committing to undivided faithfulness to your
spouse "til death do us part," please read the following promise to each other outloud and then contact us
through the link found below and tell us you are signing your name to our growing list of faithful marriages.

Our goal is to reach no less than a million married couples worldwide who will commit to reject
infidelity and adultery in order to enjoy God's plan for the healthiest and happiest marital relationship and
family possible. Please join us as we renew our vows of faithfulness to our covenant partner...

"In light of God's Holy Word and the fear of the Lord,
which is the beginning of wisdom, we hereby re-commit
ourselves to each other, before God and before man, to
sexual and emotional faithfulness and fidelity until death,
in accordance with God's plan for the ultimate of health,
wholeness and happiness for both our marriage
and our family."

To sign your names to the growing list of Faithful Million covenant keepers,
email Terry & Barbi through this link: The Faithful Million and tell them!

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