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Missions Outreach has always been one of the priorities of Terry & Barbi Franklin and Heart for the World. Combined, they have now ministered in 38 foreign countries world-wide, reaching out to families and the unsaved. They also continue worldwide outreach through resourcing missions organizations, orphanages, and churches overseas.

Many of their trips have seen thousands of people responding by receiving Christ, including recent years where they saw 10,000 saved in the Philippines, 3,500 in Nicaragua, 3,400 in Siberia, and over 1,000 muslims turning to Christ in Pakistan! They always work with local leaders, missionaries, and churches, so local Believers can follow up on each decision and disciple new believers in their new-found faith.

In recent years, as Terry & Barbi are able, they have been taking teams with them. In this, they are fulfilling a burden to train and nurture ministers & artists and mission-hearted adults and young people by giving them hands-on experience. This way, they can multiply their efforts, as they desire to bring revival to all the nations of the world. They believe the whole world is on God's heart, so they are committed to bringing revival around the globe (John 3:16-17).

Music has always been a highly effective tool for evangelism and inspiration for Christ. But now, Terry & Barbi have not only shared there marriage and family seminars in the United States, but they take this family training and discipleship around the world. They have done seminars in not only Spanish (including their Spanish music CD), have now done their seminars translated into Romanian and Urdu (the official language of Pakistan). They also have their marriage book available in Urdu. Although they have always learned their songs in the native language where they are ministering, the seminars have been a new missions opportunity as training resources are limited in many foreign countries.

Families are hurting all over the world. Many missions groups are calling the Franklins from around the globe to come to their country and help disciple marriages and families. Some leaders are overwhelmed with overcoming cultural bias that allows things like wife-abuse and authoritarianism, even in Christian homes.

Countless times, the Franklins have seen a desperate need for computers or sound equipment. They often leave equipment and other supplies, as well as send resources to churches overseas to assist missionaries and leaders in reaching out to the lost and help disciple new believers... as well as care for the poor and even many orphanages around the world. They see this as a unique opportunity to come along side those that they can get to know and see in action, some that could not otherwise get resources they need for the job at hand.

These outreaches take much time in planning and lots of money for resources, assistance, building or stadium rental, airfares, and much more. Each missions outreach costs them at least $12,000. They would love to respond to more of these invitations, but NEED YOUR HELP to accomplish these trips. They would love to respond to invitations to return to Egypt, Pakistan, Romania, Peru, Siberia, Ukraine, Spain, Nigeria, and the Middle East. Would you consider beginning to support them NOW to make this possible so they can see another harvest of souls and more families touched?

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