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"Inspiring Love in the Home & Revival in the Church"

On this page you will find all the materials you will need for the promotion of your event with Terry & Barbi Franklin of Heart for the World.

If you would like posters, please request up to 8 free full-color 11x17 size posters (see example to the left) to promote your event. Feel free to design your own poster with pictures below. These can be used in other local churches, bookstores, and businesses as well to advertise your event.

SEMINAR & CONCERT PROMO DVD's: If you would like a high-definition copy of a promo DVD to promote your marriage retreat or concert, please contact us. To play the low-res samples of the video promos below you will need QuickTime or another video player to view these .mov files. If you need a video program for your computer, click HERE for a Free QuickTime download. We recommend beginning your promotion for marriage retreats three months in advance.

Please call our office at 615-773-8480 or email us if you encounter any problems!

PROMOTIONAL PICTURES: Click on thumbnail picture to open and right-click to download.

Terry & Barbi's Promo Picture 1 (1911KB)
Terry & Barbi's Promo Picture 2 (1000KB)
Terry & Barbi's Promo Picture 3 (1334KB)

The following forms are for the planning, advertisement, and promotion of your event. The "Concert/Seminar Check List" will be the first one you need. This gives the primary instructions you need for your event plans, details, and promotion. (Click on the icon to left of the item description to download.) To play Video Promos you will need QuickTime to view. Free QuickTime downloads click HERE.

Events Check List (PA equipment, hotel needs, etc.)
Events Check List
Worship Event Press Release (Newspapers & local media)
Note to Music Directors (re: choir participation option)
Radio Promotion (for PSA's, interviews, and spots)
Seminar Promotional Plans (team leaders 3 month plan)
Seminar Suggestions (meeting room, ticket pricing, etc.)
Seminar Promo Video Sample (low-res sample)
Concert Promo Video Sample (low-res sample)

If you need posters or a promo DVD or have questions regarding the forms above, please contact our office at 615-773-8480, or email through our contact form Click Here and someone will get back to you promptly. We want to assist you in every way we can to make your event the best that it can be!

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