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What are people saying about Terry & Barbi Franklin?


What Leaders are Saying... (top)

"Terry & Barbi Franklin are two of the brightest artists that are presently conveying ministry across the nation. They are invited to the largest venues and churches in the nation, but the thing that I'm most grateful for is the genuineness of their lives in the Lord.  Their faithfulness to ministry is a model of fidelity to stewarding LIFE, LOVE &  GRACE... beautifully."
Dr. Jack Hayford
Founding Pastor, Church On The Way
Chancellor, The King's College & Seminary
Van Nuys, CA

"Terry & Barbi's main qualification is their commitment to maintaining a healthy marriage and raising two precious sons, Tyler and Travis. With that basis of integrity, they can go forth with authority to build up the physical as well as the spiritual family! It is our honor to recommend this couple and encourage you to make them a part of your ministry!"
Steve & Annie Chapman
Nashville, TN

"What a blessing you and your family are! What a joy and privilege it is to labor together with you as we serve our Lord."
Kay Arthur , Precept Ministries
Chattanooga, TN

"Not only is your musicianship top-notch, but your heart for the Church and for revival came through loud and clear.  Please feel free to share my hearty endorsement of your ministry!"
Dr. David Ridder, Bayside Chapel
Barnegat, NJ

"I had the privilege of being Terry & Barbi's pastor for eight years and highly recommend their ministry to you. Their personal lives and family reflect the love of Christ, and they are a marvelous example to others. The Franklins' marriage seminar stresses the importance of prayer within the marriage and is taken from personal experiences based on the Word of God."
Rev. L.H. Hardwick, Jr. , Christ Church
Nashville, TN

"Thank you for leading us in a wonderful marriage enrichment weekend. I thank God for your ministry and your heart for the world, the home, and the church. I will Pray for God's great strength to be yours as you boldly go. You were a blessing to our church family."
Brother Jack Fitts
, First Baptist Church
Brewton, AL

 “I am always encouraged by the ministry of Terry & Barbi Franklin.  Their unique ability to relate to their audience is a genuine gift from God.  Not only is their music inspirational, but they also have a wonderful ability to communicate with all ages.  I appreciate their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He directs them in their marriage seminars and family concerts.  I whole heartedly recommend them to you if you want your church to be refreshed and encouraged.”
Rev. Stan Martin, Westside Ch of the Nazarene
Indianapolis, IN

"God used you in a marvelous way this past weekend at the Kentucky District Ladies' Retreat!   You truly extended a 'Living Legacy.'   Yes, I am receiving glowing reports.   I have been listening to your CD's all week."
Patsy Lewis, Women's Conference Director
KY District Ch of the Nazarene

"Seldom do we see and sense the quality of ministry as your family displayed.  Churches are desperately needing what God has gifted you with.  We especially were delightfully touched by the ministry of your boys.  I am recommending that our denomination schedule you for a Marriage Seminar for a Fri/Sat for the entire district."
Lancaster, KY

"What we do, our singing and leading worship, comes from watching wonderful mentors like you.  You both are wonderful role models for American leaders.  We've seen so much 'self' in many of those who do what we do, and it's good to know there are still ones like you who continue to genuinely give God glory for all!  Thanks for great leadership!!"
Indianapolis, IN

"The anointing God has placed on your family is very evident.  Our church family has come to me telling me what a wonderful time it was and asking when you can come back.  Our children were blessed by Nicky; our teenagers were blessed by your sons!  Adults were very excited.  Discussion has included the presence of God that was felt and the moving of the Spirit.  In addition, your musical talents are indeed very appreciated.  I will be contacting you about how God can use you again here."
Terre Haute, IN

“You are extremely talented, but more than that, you are gifted in ministry and have such an awareness that we marvel as we enjoy your ministry.”
Los Angeles , CA

“Thank you for your ministry. I used the word ‘minister' conscientiously because that is exactly what you did. Your servant-like spirits definitely touched and blessed our hearts. The comments and songs that you shared were a special blessing to me and an encouragement to my spirit… words fitly spoken in a time of need.”
Fredricton, N. B.

“Terry & Barbi have been a wonderful part of our Family Camp ministry. We've enjoyed their talent, quality, and great enthusiasm and excitement. They love each other and obviously love Christ and come not only to entertain, but to minister. They are unusually talented… and our family conference people gave them rave reviews on their evaluations. I would highly recommend that you consider them for meetings of any kind.” Forest Hills , CA

“It was great having you with us. I appreciate the warmth and anointing upon your ministry… more than a mere concert. Our people appreciated your ministry so very much.”
Rockford , IL

“Your music has always been excellent, but it seems that God is continuing to deepen your lives… to bring more spiritual impact than ever before. You are real! I can hardly wait to have you back, and soon!”
Salem , OR

“After watching the Christian music scene change, it is refreshing to see two people who have the talent and ability to go out and minister instead of entertain the body of Christ. After following your ministry for the last five years, I know you are in God's direct heartbeat in reaching the world through music. We look forward to our next time together.”
Greeley , CO

“Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as you ministered here…your ministry was so in tune with what the Lord has been saying here recently. We are looking forward to the next time you will be with us!”
Lake Geneva , IL

“Terry & Barbi are sensitive to the Holy Spirit… not just skillful musicians, but anointed by God. His presence is evident as they minister. They work with you to compliment the work already taking place in your local church.”
Freeport , IL

"The Franklin 's Ministry is highly professional and deeply personal.  God pours himself into them and they minister from what God is doing through them."
Brooklyn, NY

"You are SO special!  You are SO Loved... You are a terrific reflection of your Ministry!  YOU give it credibility!"
Mount Juliet, TN


What People are Writing... (top)

"Both Terry and Barbi are incredibly talented. Their songs are original and speak TRUTH. When they shared their music, it washed over me with hope and pulverized the worries. By being transparent with their own challenges, I flet more like a team player, being encouraged by the coaches.”
(Nashville, TN)

"During your seminar I closed some doors in my life that were destroying my marrriage. I am re-committing my life to Jesus Christ.  My wife and I are now planning to read the Bible and pray together every day.  We now know that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way we will find what we are looking for in our marriage! I can't express to you how thankful I am for your ministry! ”
(Griffin, GA)

"We just did our first study together in your book.  It was the first time in 20 years!  He read the devotion AND looked up the verses.  God is SO faithful!!!!  ... I'm jumping up and down for joy... thank you for your seminar and your new book!"

(Cashmere, WA)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the powerful ministry that you are carrying out as a family.  As a junior in college, it is an inspiration for me as I seek to be a man of God to know that there still are families who love the Lord and love one another and are willing to change the world for His glory.  Thanks for valuing the family and teaching others to do the same.  I believe this type of ministry is one of the only hopes we have for my generation of young people.  I also had the opportunity to meet each of your sons, who were truly impressive men.  Thanks, Tyler and Travis, for being willing to work with your parents to spread the love of Christ. "
(Meridian, MS)

“It was a miracle that my husband stayed through this whole weekend.  Last one we attended, he left after the first hour of speaking.  This time, he actually made some commitments to me during the last “huddle time” that I never dreamed possible.  And when he makes commitments, he keeps them!  Thank you so much for coming!”
(Bedford, IN)

"We wanted you to know how much your music and ministry meant to us.  It is very evident that it is your desire to minister to people, and families, and to bring hope and healing to the body of Christ.  I see you as a great resource.  Thank you for being people of integrity and character for the Lord."
(Tallahassee, FL)

"I hope there is enough room here to say what this past weekend has meant for me...  My husband is not a believer, but he agreed to come to the conference... I can see a change in him already!  Your stories were great... I was so impressed with your sons at the conference and on Sunday morning... God is working through all of your faithfulness to him... I hope you don't take so long to come back to our area!"
(Cashmere, WA)

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to again say "Thank You" for Saturday nights concert! I can't tell you how many nice compliments I heard in church yesterday - your ministry was very well received - we have 3 different worship leaders at our church and all 3 said the same thing - the best evening we've ever had here at Faith Church... we really appreciated the spirit of your ministry and wanted to pass the good words along to you. I heard from one of the couples who committed their live to Christ - and I'm sure with all the whispering of the prayer that Barbi lead them in - that there were a lot more that either re-committed or committed that night! Thanks again for everything!"
(Allentown, PA)

"Thank you for sharing with us... you reminded me that God is in the business of changing lives... during invitation time, both of my parents were down front.  I've never seen my mom do anything public like that... at home afterwards we sat around the table & shared about what God taught us...we prayed all together... I have wanted that my whole life... thank you for sharing with us.  I'm crying right now because I am so happy.  Please keep being open with people so God can use you."
(Cherry Hill, NJ)

"... let me assure you that this weekend was a successful marriage seminar... we will be celebrating our 17th anniversary, and because of the conference it will truly be a celebration. You see, our marriage was not very good, we both had lost that respect, honor, and blessing for each other that you talked about.  We were also touched by the communication and parenting sections.  Before that conference, I had not told my husband that I loved him in 3 years.  We were living day to day, and I knew in my heart it would be wrong to leave.  So even though I felt the love I had for him disappear somewhere, I stayed with him... more I think for the kids than anything else.  We sure were not getting along that well, and making love to him turned my stomach.  I had become dependent on sleeping pills to get through the nights.  Your conference changed our lives.  We made a new commitment to each other that weekend.  We are talking more, dating, respecting each other, and showing affection to one another in front of our kids.  About 2 weeks after the conference, for the first time in 3 years, I told him that I loved him... you truly were used of God to put life back into a marriage that was on the verge of collapse."
(Traverse City, MI)

You guys had a wonderful marriage program for us at Shawnee Lodge and i really enjoyed it and learned from it too! God has blessed you and your ministry and enabled you to help others through the program and your music! My heart is still touched from the song "you can tell alot about a man"...a VERY powerful song!!!
(Circleville, OH)

"What a great weekend!... Thank you for sharing from the Word... and God's basic instructions.  Getting to know and hear about your family was a real treat!"
(Springfield, OH)

"...what a great pleasure it was to have a front seat, and be blessed to hear you and your boys lead us in worship... our folks absolutely loved being a part of that service."
(Blue Ridge, GA)

"...God bless you and your family!...to experience you all worship and minister together as a  family was such a blessing to me and spoke to my heart... the Holy Spirit was doing some beautiful things there... I asked my husband what was his favorite part of that evening, he said it was when our 5 year old lifted her hands during one of your songs!"
(Lafayette, IN)

"Thank you so much for the excellent weekend of ministry!  It was amazing to hear you share your hearts and suggest effective strategies for marriage.  Your talent and time were used by God in a mighty way to bless our marriage retreat."
(Springfield, OH)

"My husband and I would like to thank you for a wonderful weekend.  Your teaching and stories helped us to realize how incredibly great the Lord makes life if you just give Him your all.  This weekend, the Lord was working through you both and helped to better our lives with Him."
(Atlanta, GA)

"On Sunday, February 15, 2004, you and your family performed a concert at New Life Christian Church in Newtown, PA.  I was there with my wife and daughter and we sat in the back of the church.  I had to keep getting up and down to try to get comfortable for my back.  After the concert I went up front and talked to Terry to apologize for getting up and down and I explained that I had arthritis in my back.  We prayed together that God would remove and take the arthritis away.  And since about 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock p.m., Monday I have been pain free.  I want to thank you for taking the time to pray with me.  I silently re-dedicated my life to the Lord during the concert."
(Newtown, PA)


Letters of Appreciation from Sponsors ... (top)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to highly recommend the ministry of Terry and Barbi Franklin to your church.  We have hosted their family in our church three times in recent years.  In our Lord’s providence, their ministry times have each come during difficult circumstances, including most recently, following the passing of our Senior Pastor due to pancreatic cancer.

I have the utmost respect for their ability to balance true professionalism and exceptional musical talent with a unique sensitivity to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Every time they have ministered to our congregation, it has been so very appropriate to where we are as a church.  It is a rare occasion that we surrender our pulpit completely on a Sunday morning to someone else.  In fact, we are very selective on who we bring in on any occasion.  They have never let us down.

From the awe-inspiring power duets they’ve written and performed, and that have been recorded by others, to the intimate times of worship with each family member on an instrument, they are extraordinarily gifted musicians where their heart for the Lord is evident in every aspect of the service. 

Finally, I must make mention of warmth with which they carry themselves.  Every time we email, talk on the phone, or meet face to face, it is comforting to know they genuinely care about us as individuals and the ministry of our church.  They know our names and greet us like friends and coworkers in Christ.

For these reasons, I’m honored to write on their behalf and invite any questions to further validate our belief in their ministry.

In His service,

Pastor Mike McAdory
Midland Valley Ch of the Nazarene
Clearwater, SC


Dear Fellow Pastors,

We at Living Waters Assembly of God Church were pleased and blessed to have Terry & Barbi Franklin and their sons Tyler and Travis for a time of ministry a few weeks ago.

We all felt that they were not there to perform, as much as to minister.  They are not only exceptionally fine musicians and singers, as well as, first class writers of original songs.  They in their short time with us, became friends and really connected with our church people.  Terry and Barbi have a sweet, beautiful, and unpretensious sincerity that comes through in everything they do.

We also found them to be very cooperative and easy to work with in preparation for the service.  Their presentation of the gospel was clear and unmistakable.  Their conversation and interaction with people before and after service -- made everyone feel like they were touchable and real.

Therefore, we would highly recommend them for any type of ministry, from the Sunday service, to an evening concert or marriage seminar.

Joyfully in His service,

Pastor Richard Valkanet, Senior Pastor
Living Waters Assembly of GodChurch
Grayslake, IL


Dear Terry & Barbi,

Hi guys!  At our weekly prayer meeting tonight more folks gave such positive reports on what the Lord did in their lives during the Seminar.  And the comments about your ministry on Sunday were incredible.  I keep getting requests to have you come back annually.

One of the couples that came to your seminar, the husband comes to church maybe once a year.  He's a good man and considers himself a Christian, but he doesn't participate in the home with her efforts to raise the kids for Christ.  Your seminar was a real turning point for him.

Hey Barbi, our children's pastor, Andy, whom you met at the seminar, said he's heard a lot of positive feedback from your sharing time with the kids on Sunday morning.  You are an amazingly talented ventriloquist.  Wow!

Again, you guys were such a blessing to us.  Someone shared that meeting Travis and observing his servant-heart was a real authentication to them of what you and Terry were teaching to couples.  He is an awesome young man.

Bless you,
Pastor Paul Williams
Christ Center, Cashmere, WA


Dear Terry & Barbi,

Thank you for leading us in a wonderful marriage enrichment weekend. I thank God for your ministry and your heart for the world, the home, and the church. I will pray for God's great strength to be yours as you boldly go. 

You were a blessing to our church family.  Give Travis and Tyler our regards as well.  Thank you for praying for our church and us.

God Bless,
Bro. Jack Fitts
First Baptist Church, Brewton, AL


Dear Terry & Barbi,

It was an outstanding weekend!!  Thanks so much for being with us here at Portland Christian Center. Your music ministry touched the hearts of hundreds of people who attended, and I know that the Sunday evening service was one of those highlight services that we will long remember.

It is always a joy to have you here. Your sincerity, integrity, and polish in music presentation are always refreshing and renewing. Keep up the good work!  We will look forward to rescheduling you to join us again. Please give our love to the boys.  May God richly bless you.

Your Friend In Christ,
Bill Wilson
Portland Christian Center, Portland, OR


To Whom It May Concern,

We were fortunate to have Terry & Barbi Franklin come and sing at our annual women's retreat. They did an awesome job and really connected with the women. They were down to earth and spoke powerfully through their words and song. They were with us for the whole weekend, and the women really enjoyed their music and message.

We enjoyed having them so much, we have asked them to come back and sing again at our retreat. We normally do not repeat speakers or singers, therefore, Barbi and Terry are the first ones that we have asked to come back. Their message of love for the family and revival for the church really minister and inspire any woman, whatever her life season or stage is.

I would highly recommend Barbi and Terry at any type of retreat. They are experienced enough that they can adapt and fit your needs. They were a pleasure and joy to work with, and I'm looking forward to working with them again soon.

In His Incredible Love,
Beth Post
“Splash into Spring” Retreat Coordinator
St. Paul - Minneapolis, MN


Dear Terry & Barbi,

I want to thank you, dear friends, for the wonderful, anointed ministry you brought to Grand Rapids First this past Sunday.

What a blessing to see you minister as a family! Tyler and Travis did an awesome job harmonizing with Mom and Dad as well as being your soundmen. Your message of love and reconciliation was perfect for Mother's Day. God has truly blessed you with songwriting abilities, beautiful voices, and keyboard skills. He has anointed you to communicate His love through your giftings.

It was great to have you as our guests at Grand Rapids First, having been with us before at Harvest. Your words and insights were tremendously encouraging to me personally!

Looking to the Cross,
Scott Hagan, Senior Pastor
Grand Rapids First Assembly of God, MI


Dear Terry & Barbi,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your ministry here in Traverse City at WLJN's Ladies Conference. Of the many concerts we have had for our Concert Series over the years, the weekend with you and Carol Kent stands well above any other as a weekend of challenge and true worship. The spirit in which you ministered to those in attendance, on and off stage, showed a rare blend of interest and compassion.

Good singers and musicians are rather common. However, it is not so common to find those whose talent brings attention to God, who gave them their gift. Your lyrics have remained true and relevant. Your music can be considered artistry. Your delivery and communication has brought glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has reached into the very souls of those listening.

My desire to bring you back to Traverse City for another Ladies Conference after only a year of separation is testimony to the confidence I have in your ministry as artists and ministers. God has truly blessed your ministry and it is evidence of your faithfulness to him.

In His Service,
Evelyn G. Purdy
WLJN Radio
Traverse City, MI


My Recommendation to Pastors:

We had Terry & Barbi in for a concert last fall. They did a fantastic job for us. Three specific things come to mind...

The Bible says to play skillfully. Terry & Barbi did just that. You don't have to worry about marginal ability. They were extremely professional in their presentation. They demonstrated skill and expertise.

The Bible says to play joyfully. They brought a sense of genuine joy in the Lord to their music and sharing. They didn't put anything on at all. They were funny and fun. They were warm and genuine.

The Bible talks about maintaining your spiritual zeal. Terry & Barbi play with passion. They were sensitive to the Holy Spirit. They asked for commitment to the Lord and they had a great response by the people. It wasn't just a performance but a true worship experience. There is a depth of maturity in the Lord that is highly contagious.

I can highly recommend them for any group. They are uniquely able to connect with the kids, youth, parents, and grandparents. Everyone was sincerely glad they were there to experience the evening with the Franlins. There are a lot of good groups out there. The Franklins are excellent and really do exceed all expectations.

Pastor Paul L. Tatum
First Church Of God
Shippensburg, PA


To pastors of quality and growing congregations: 

As a pastor, I am very careful who I welcome into our pulpit.  However, I am so comfortable with Terry & Barbi who have learned how to flow and fit with the local vision without compromising their ministry and message.

Your people need the balanced ministry that Terry & Barbi bring to the family, and your people deserve the reward of hearing their music!  Because they are as much ministry as concert, it works well for us to turn the whole Sunday morning service over to them.  They have been with us 4 times over the past 12 years and our people still ask for them to return.  Their recent Marriage Seminar was well presented and thorough, and I highly recommend it!

My only problem with Terry & Barbi was that the 1st service attendees on Sunday morning didn't want to leave and let the next service worshippers in!

David L. Hagan, Senior Pastor
Life Church, Laurel, MS


To Whom It May Concern,

I am happy to recommend to you Terry & Barbi Franklin!  I have known the Franklins for many years. They combine outstanding musical talent and ministry, with rock-solid integrity.

Terry & Barbi, and their sons, Tyler and Travis, are accomplished singers, songwriters, and musicians.  They flow in numerous musical styles to reach the whole family.  The burden they carry for Marriage and Family Ministry is evident in their preaching and teaching ministry.

They have ministered numerous times to the congregation I pastor here in the U.S., plus on two occasions we have ministered together in South America.  Because they are people of prayer and doers of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit consistently uses the Franklins to bear good fruit and to deposit the Word of God and the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those to whom they minister.

I know the Franklins will bless you!

In His Grace,

Pastor Teryl W. Todd
Evangel Assembly of God
Tallahassee, FL



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