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Testimonies from Anne Graham Lotz and her listeners of
"Awaken Us"

Listen Online Here
"Awaken Us"

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It moved me to tears as it expresses my heart's cry for revival.
--Anne Graham Lotz, Raleigh, NC

What an incredible blessing it was to listen to the song the Lord gave you!  “Awaken Us” is truly God-breathed, and we pray with you that He will use it to wake up His Church “for such a time as this.” We pray God will bless and use you for His glory, in response to your enlarged heart for the world!
--Helen George, Executive Assistant, AnGel Ministries, Anne Graham Lotz, Raleigh, NC

Just listened to the song... Wow! It so grabs the heart. Perfectly describes our longings in these days!
--Dave Butts, Harvest Prayer Ministries, Terre Haute, IN

Thank you for the Awaken Us song. Just listening early this morning brought fresh hope. I pray that your cry will be multiplied by thousands and accelerate the work of God so desperately needed. Hope is rising through desperation and I am so thankful you are at the forefront of the battle.  Please keep up the call for revival and awakening.
--Byron Paulus, Life Action Ministries, Niles, MI

AMEN!! The spirit and power of this song resonates with many of us who know that America's decline is directly related to The Church's lack of a Spiritual Awakening... for over 100 years!!!  I will circulate this powerful musical message to all that I know.  We will use this to ignite fervent prayer as we prepare for studies around Blackaby's "Fresh Encounter: God's Plan for Your Spiritual Awakening”.  This may be THE SONG that will ignite prayer and praise to cause a Great Spiritual Awakening.  Wake up churches! America's present condition will not improve until The Church hears and heeds this message!!
--Franklin, TN

This song is dynamite! I sense that is literal and is a tool to break the log jam that is holding the American church back from walking forward into her destiny and calling.  Truly a Spirit breathed song and prayer!
--Indian Trail, NC

I have been in prayer for you and this song so much over the past couple of days!  I have found myself singing it at different times - the Lord is putting it on people's hearts and it has a very special anointing on it!  I told the Lord today that I want it to be a song with great magnitude that many nations and cultures will know!
--Lebanon, TN

Was just humbled by "Awaken Us," couldn't have been more magnificent or moving.  Pray the whole world will HEAR!
--Denver, CO

All I can say is awesome!!!! God has his hand on you to bring healing and restoration.  Praise God!!! I will forward this info to all of my friends. Blessings and Peace!!
--Baxter, TN

What an awesome song.  Oh that our country and indeed the nation would bow down & worship our God.  Thanks for the dedication and love you have for others.
--Blue Ridge, GA

What a blessing to hear and see what The Lord has done through this powerful song!   It has been playing through my mind repeatedly, from the first time I heard it.  Please send your prayer updates to my email address above, and may God continue to use you both to HIS glory!
--Rogers, AR

All I can say is Wow!  So convicted by this song to humbly cry out to God for revival!
--Pottsville, PA

Stirring song with a moving message! I pray God uses it to awaken many hearts to love what He loves, hate what He hates, and be fully surrendered to Him. And may it begin with me!
--Brentwood, TN

LOVE this song!  It really hits home, so had to download it!
--Atlanta, GA

Awaken Us is an anointed work of music sent for this time and this place in the history of our country! We are so excited to see God move throughout our churches and land and believe that your ministry is pivotal in lifting up Christians to go back to basics and seek God on their knees.
--Vero Beach, FL

Beautiful song and very inspiring for the church to turn to God and pray.
--Hamburg, PA

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